Une Aventure Intense

Inspired By Creed – Aventus




4.98 out of 5
Weight 3.53 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 3.13 × 4.75 in

50ML, 100ML


Retail Price $365

Inspired By

Creed – Aventus (Retail Price: $365)

Main Notes

Fresh Lemon, Berries, Pineapple, and Musky Tones


Iconic and Unmistakable. A Fragrance That Encompasses A Journey Of Sparkling Zest, Tropical Paradise, And Deep Intrigue.


Une Aventure Intense is the perfect choice for your new favorite fragrance with its long-lasting and alluring aroma. This sophisticated fragrance adds layers of rich fruity notes with earthy, woody patchouli and sandalwood, creating a luxurious unisex cologne that’s both a great indulgence for special occasions and affordable enough for everyday wear.


  • We offer high-quality, affordable, and captivating fragrances inspired by popular designer scents. Our mission is to provide customers with an accessible alternative to expensive luxury perfumes, allowing you to enjoy delightful scents without breaking the bank.

  • Absolutely! We take great pride in the quality of our products. Our fragrances are created by skilled perfumers using premium ingredients, ensuring an exceptional and long-lasting scent experience. We believe in delivering excellent value and providing you with a fragrance you’ll love.
out of 5.0
Rated 4.98 out of 5 based on customer ratings.
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  1. Perfect Dupe of Aventus

    Une Aventure Intense is the perfect dupe of Aventus. The blend of fresh lemon, berries, pineapple, and musky tones creates a zesty and invigorating scent that instantly lifts my mood.

    Baily B.

  2. So Happy I Found This Replica Scent

    I fell in love with Aventus but couldn’t afford a second bottle, so I’m so happy I found this replica scent!

    Marcel A.

  3. This Fragrance is Perfect

    This fragrance is perfect! The fruity combination is addictive and the musky tones add a touch of sensuality, making it a well-rounded and irresistible scent. It’s perfect for summer days and nights.

    Cody R.

  4. Tropical Paradise!

    This fragrance is a tropical paradise! The combination of pineapple and berries gives it a delightful sweetness, while the fresh lemon adds a tangy twist. The musky tones add depth, making it a well-rounded and exotic scent.

    Natalie H.

  5. Strong and Balanced

    I’m not a big cologne guy, but my wife bought this for me and I really like it. It’s strong enough to last all day but isn’t overpowering. I really enjoy the freshness that balances out the musky scents.

    Sam B.

  6. Pleasantly Surprised

    For the price, you really can’t beat Fake. The cologne is refreshing but also musky, and I think I pickup a hint of smoke or tobacco, but it’s not overpowering. I wasn’t expecting much, but I’m pleasantly surprised.

    Kyle O.

  7. Just Do It!

    Une Aventure Intense by Fake is a game-changer! Smells just like Creed.

    Zion T.

  8. So close to the OG, it's hard to tell the difference.

    So close to the OG, it’s hard to tell the difference.


  9. What a pleasant surprise!

    Une Aventure Intense is a fabulous dupe for the expensive Aventus.


  10. Great Replica

    Une Aventure Intense is a revelation. As a long-time fan of Aventus, I was skeptical about finding a replica that could compare. This fragrance not only compares but, dare I say, exceeds the original in some aspects. It opens with the same fresh, fruity notes and gradually settles into a rich, woody base that lasts all day. I’ve received so many compliments and inquiries about what I’m wearing.

    John D

  11. 👍🏽

    Impressed by the longevity


  12. Amazing

    This is my go to everyday fragrance now.


  13. Hooked

    Incredible value for the quality. I’m hooked!

    Devin H.

  14. Love a good deal

    It’s a scent that lingers in a great way. Honestly, at only $30 its hard to pass up.

    Jordyn W.

  15. Great

    Smells amazing and lasts all day. Great value for the price.

    A. E.

  16. Just like Aventus

    This smell is the exact same as creed aventus. No way was I going to drop $500 on a bottle. I was a little hesitant to order this since I can’t smell it in person. But once it was delivered, I was happy with my purchase. Now planning on ordering more fragrances from here in the future.

    Nick O.

  17. Worth it

    As a collector of Creed-inspired fragrances, I can confidently say that Une Aventure Intense is one of the closest replicas I’ve encountered. It opens with that iconic pineapple note and gradually transitions into a warm, inviting dry down. The only reason I’m not giving it a full 5 stars is that I wish it had a slightly stronger sillage, but for the price, it’s a steal.

    David M.

  18. Fake Fan

    Would i recommend this one, YES 100% the cost is great where you could buy 10 of these and still be below cost for 1 creed aventus. I’m looking to try Fakes version of creeds silver mountain water. If i can find a Armani code Fake fragrance I’ll probably try that one as well


  19. UAI

    Great gift for my bf. Love the name Fake too 😂😂


  20. Great Product

    Owning several creed bottles i can say Fake is practically the same for a fraction of the price. no weird smells when it dries and it stays on all day.

    Jason H.

  21. Creed

    I was skeptical at first, but I love this cologne! Smells amazing and lasts a long time, like the entire day. I’m reading reviews and plan on buying more for sure!

    Ty S.

  22. Une Aventure

    Une Aventure Intense is a revelation in the world of affordable fragrances. Its a perfect balance between the freshness of Aventus and a distinct character of its own. The longevity is impressive, and it easily competes with fragrances many times its price. I’m hooked and can’t recommend it enough.

    Will H

  23. Lasts all Day

    I apply it in the morning, and I can still smell it in the evening. Kudos to Fake!

    Alex E

  24. Fake for the win

    Everyone wants to buy Aventus but no one wants to pay the bill of $300 plus. Save your money 💰


  25. long lasting

    Absolutely amazing! I get compliments from men and women. Super ong lasting scent. I remember getting in the car with my wife and she asks, “why’d you spray more cologne” at that point it had been hours since I had used it. Customer service is great, and I’m almost ready to place my third order.


  26. Smells Great

    I have no experience with Creed but I heard a lot of rave reviews about this being close if not, close enough for a fraction of the price. I love this cologne since I have received multiple compliments when I wear it.

    You cannot beat the profile of this scent for the price, if you’re hesitant, don’t be. I highly recommend this and I’m very interested in trying more from this brand, especially if these scents are as accurate and true to the higher-end stuff as they say.


  27. 🤩🤩🤩

    Unbelievable quality for the price. I’m a loyal customer now.


  28. Love It!

    I’m still amazed at how long-lasting and high-quality this fragrance is.

    Ethan T.

  29. Smells great

    Such a great alternative for those on a budget.


  30. Best there is

    Une Aventure Intense is a true luxury experience without the luxury price. I’m constantly showered with compliments when I wear it. It’s a versatile scent, perfect for any occasion, and the longevity is astounding. I’m a fan for life.

    Ruben S.

  31. Love

    I love both scents and customer service was really great! I will be ordering more very soon! Thank you 😊 10/10 for sure!!


  32. Legit

    Une Aven. was my first introduction to Fake Fragrances. I thought I would give them a chance. I was so glad I did! I’ve had several different batches of Aventus over the years and UAI is very spot on with the scent.
    It lasts a long time and I’ve gotten so many compliments from it. I think I’m on my second or 3rd bottle of it. It will always be a fragrance that I reorder when I’m out.


  33. Great find!

    I’ll be honest, I actually bought this before ever smelling Creed Adventus and I liked it. After 3 or 4 people asked if that is what I was wearing I finally found a sample of the real thing and it is VERY close. I’m actually impressed with how long the scent lasts. Usually cheaper products only last a fraction of the time bit this lasts all day and then some.


  34. Intense indeed

    Une Aventure Intense was an absolute shocker to me. The longevity on this one is definitely worth the intense title. I will say that it’s easy to overspray so be cautious. The sent itself is intriguing and definitely a head turner. In my case, this fragrance was a bit too masculine. Currently I’m adding to my fragrance collection both named brands and dupes but my tendency leans more unisex. If you’re looking for a strong masculine sent this is the one. Next in my list is Touch the Sky (wonderful name), I have a good feeling about this one appealing to my liking!

    FAKE exceeded my expectations. Now I’m really excited to someday own their full collection!

    Costumer service was extremely amazing! Their main goal is to ensure full satisfaction with their company and let me tell you they provided me with top tier quality service. Im hooked on Fake now, they’re like a hidden fragrance gem that is definitely worth your time!

    Eddy (verified owner)

  35. Impressed love it

    Love my purchase I’m shocked how it really smell like my real creed never buying the real 1 again the fake is official , just wish the had green irish tweed also but great job 4 sprays and I’m ordering another one 👍🏼

    blkrain7 (verified owner)

  36. 5 stars hands down!

    I normally don’t do reviews creed one of my favorite smelling colognes and never wanted to pay the $400 for and happened to find this site I read the reviews on was still little skeptical because reviews are easy to fake but figured for $30 it was worth a shot and it definitely didn’t disappoint one bit this is spot on the same exact smell and for the price you can’t beat I’m literally about to go on and buy more scents now it was that good

    Corey DuBose (verified owner)

  37. Aventus with a Little more Smoke 👍🏽👍🏽💨🔥

    Aventus with a little more smoke, smells Great!

    Leroy V (verified owner)

  38. 5.0

    To be truly honest, it is a bit different from Aventus. However, this doesn’t mean that this is a bad scent. I actually love this scent not as an Aventus knock-off but as a Une Aventure Intense.

    I think I’m going to get myself another bottle when I’m out cause I’m really enjoying this scent at the moment.

    Jay P (verified owner)

  39. Buy It!

    I have Aventus, I have Rebel from Pete and Pedro and I have been using this fragrance every day for months. This is by itself a wonderful fragrance that I get complimented on and noticed with. It captures Aventus and is brighter and longer lasting and unique enough to be my favorite


  40. 5.0

    That’s smell so incredible. I don’t have the original one but I got a feeling that such a great perfume ever

    Thien (verified owner)

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